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What You Can Expect

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Whether this is your first therapeutic endeavor or you have experienced therapy before, the process can be intimidating. You are asked to share openly of yourself with a stranger. I am aware of this and I will aim to help you feel comfortable, only expecting you to share what you are willing and ready for. As we get to know each other, I hope you will find me to be approachable, encouraging, honest, and direct. I will challenge you and believe in you when you may not believe in yourself. I will delight in celebrating your accomplishments. I will be asking you to find grace in your errors and shortcomings, as I do for my own self.  To that end, I am an imperfect therapist and will do my best to model self acceptance and self compassion. I will reflect on our work together and be thoughtful about the treatment I offer you. While I can not promise you the changes you are seeking, as this is contingent upon variables outside of my control, I can encourage you that clients who commit to this process often experience a decrease in problematic symptoms, new insights, improved psychological awareness, increased confidence, social connection, shame reduction, and/or development of coping skills. I maintain personal boundaries outside of my professional practice, which means we will not have relationship outside of therapy.  I hope this gives you confidence to allow yourself to be vulnerable, open, and safe on your journey. Therapy is incredibly brave because it involves facing fears and doing hard work.  Whether this process be with me or another therapist, you are doing something very healthy!

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